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All in One

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All in One

Spoilt for choice? Spoil yourself with our variety Munchbox.

This tasty variety pack is where our top 6 snacks come to mingle. From salty to spicy, fruity to chocolatey and from energy boosters to muscle-powering morsels, this cracking combo of convenience is the perfect 6-pack of perk to take your pick from when you’re feeling peckish. (Try saying that mouthful when you’re hungry!)

Box Contents: 
- Energy Balls Cinnamon & Vanilla 
- Protein Pebbles Peanut Butter 
- Wasaa Corn - Spicy Corn and Wasabi Cashews 
- Chocalmonds - Sugar Free Dark Chocolate & Lightly Salted Almonds 
- Open Sesame - Sesame Almonds 
- Nutty Professor - Almonds, roasted cashew and walnuts

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AED 49.00
Product number: CE000487
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