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I’m Salty

Feeling salty? You’re probably hangry. Satisfy your salt-buds with our savoury Munchbox to get you feeling sweet again.

Perfect for the salt snappers among us, this scrumptious savoury 6-pack boasts a positively nutritious, flavourful mix of salted nuts and tangy corn kernels guaranteed to sate that sweet spot!

Box Contents with description: 
- Nutty Professor- Almonds, roasted cashews & walnuts 
- Cornicopia - Roasted Corn, Honey Mustard + bbq + spicy 
- Honey Dijon - Honey Mustard Corn 
- Caprese - Tomato Basil Cahsew & Roasted Corn Kernels 
- Cowboy Crunch - Roasted Corn Kernels & Roasted Almonds

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AED 49.00
Product number: CE000485
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