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Wasaa... Corn !

Price after discount: AED 63.00 Including VAT
Box Details:  Fiery wasabi cashews with crunchy roasted corn
DW Type: Dry
Calories: 233.0KCal
Fat: 15.0g
Calories Range: 200-250KCal
Carbohydrates: 23.0g
Protein: 7.0g
Fiber: 3.0g
Type: Spicy
Lieferzeit: 2-3 Werktage
AED 63.00
Delivery timings are Saturday to Thursday between 10am and 5pm
Product number: CE000414-001

Snack ingredients

Cashews have the most ideal Omega3:Omega6 ratio of 0.11 WHO recommends this ration to be lower than 10. The lower the better. GO CASHEWS!
Spicy Corn Kernels
Corn fiber is one of the keys to its well-documented digestive benefits. Recent research has shown that corn can support the growth of friendly bacteria in our large intestine.
Spicy Corn Kernels
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