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Healthy Snacks & Drinks: The Trending Workplace Perk

In a tight employment market, many businesses struggle to compete for the finest talent, and perks play an important role in making or breaking the efforts to recruit staff. Small-to-medium-sized businesses are luring employees by providing a popular employee benefit: office pantry stocked with nutritious, tasty snacks and healthy beverages that make employees happy.

How did healthy snacks become such a popular perk?

For a variety of reasons, free snacks, beverages, and other meals are a popular office benefit, out of which the notable reasons are:

  1. Visibility: Unlike other wellness benefits, employees appreciate what they see and can enjoy right away.

  2. Changing routines. Snacks appeal to many busy professionals whose eating habits are evolving away from eating meals at scheduled times and toward nibbling throughout the day.

  3. Time management: As workers work longer hours, having free snacks accessible at any time minimises the amount of time they have to spend shopping for or preparing food at home or looking through multiple apps wondering what to order.

  4. Health conscious: More and more of today’s workforce have become health and fitness conscious more than they ever were. The lazy inactive work from home practices during Covid lockdowns and the obesity and unhealthy lifestyle it influenced has a major part to play in this. As people today are back to normal life, they have got very conscious of not getting back in to unhealthy practices like eating junk all day, over eating and staying sedentary.

Even if traditional perks are out of your budget, it is feasible to identify such inexpensive perks that will keep your employees happy and help you recruit top talent, regardless of the size of your firm.

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