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Know Your Pasta Shapes

When it comes to pasta, the possibilities are endless. It is one of the most versatile food that can be prepared easily, it can be a starter, a main course or even a salad. Despite its popularity, people just cannot think of its Italian names, because there are way too many. Even though we might have consumed a variety of different shapes, we just tend to stick to the general name pasta. Let’s clear up that confusion, read further to know about the different pasta profile and their pictures. The world of pasta is not nearly as exhaustive as it sounds, it is actually pretty incredible. Let's find out!

1- Macaroni: since these pastas are shaped like an elbow, they are also called as elbow pastas. They are the most common type of pasta; you might have seen these mostly in mac n cheese dishes. Macaronis are very versatile and works well with all kinds of sauces, they are also commonly used in cold salads, casseroles, stuffing, soups etc. macaroni originated from the northern and central Italy.

2- Penne: One of the top 10 most devoured shapes of pasta worldwide is the tiny, cylindrical penne pasta. these pasta has a slanted edge which makes it the perfect shape to hold sauces.  Born in Sicily and refined throughout Italy, penne is frequently filled with different fillings like spinach and ricotta and represented in a wide range of tomato-based sauces, such as penne all'arrabbiata, or cream-based sauces, such as penne alla vodka, or vegetables, such as penne alla campagnola, or in a veggie pasta salad. 
3- Tagliatelle: Pasta with the long, flat, ribbon-like shape known as tagliatelle is one of the most popular shapes and is traditionally from the Italian regions of Marche and Emilia-Romagna. Tagliatelle compliments well with meat and a rich tomato sauce. They are commonly dried by clumping together.
4- Fusilli: This long, thick, corkscrew-shaped pasta originates originates from Campania, where it is most frequently served with cheese and tomato sauce. It has the ability to hook all the leftover sauce or dressing because of its spiral structure. Moreover, it is strong, making it simple to toss with marinara and other meat-based thick sauces. Fusilli arabiata is the most popular dish in this profile.
5- Sedani: it is believed that sedani was born as an offshoot to the sicily origin penne. The shape is that of the penne without the slanted edges. They are served with tomato sauce but also enjoyed plain with butter or cheese. 
6- Spaghetti: Spaghetti is a distinct pasta shape that is long, thin, solid, and cylindrical. It is a common and globally accepted food wherever you travel. According to legend, spaghetti was brought to Venice by the well-known trader Marco Polo from China. One of the most famous dish is spaghetti with meatballs. 
7- Gnocco: the pasta has been around since the time of the roman empire and therefore it is hard to assume where it originated from. They are these short shell shaped pasta that can hold gravies well eithin. Gnoccos often features mashed potato, spinach or cream cheese. The most common dish is the potato gnocco baked casserole.
8- Lasagna: Lasagna sheets are one of the most popular pasta shapes because it is considered as a comfort food. The pasta dish lasagna has a long, flat, rectangular shape with wavy edges, and it originated in Naples. The most popular way to eat it is as a baked casserole dish with layers of lasagna, various sauces, cheeses, and chicken in between. It is also considered one of the oldest types of pasta.
9- Pipe rigate: This little tubular pasta was imported from the Middle East to Italy; it resembles macaroni except that it is more curled and has delicate ridges. Due to its spherical shape, it resembles a snail or like a pipe, hence the name. this pasta is mostly used for soups as well as light sauces.

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