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What is

Each of our snacks is around two fistfuls of healthy yummy nibbles, perfectly portioned for your snacking needs.

All our snacks are vegan, natural, free of artificial colourings, and generally just good for you.

All our snacks are made from naturally flavored nuts & seeds, dried fruits, and sugar-free dark chocolate.

More than 50 healthy natural snacks that change with every delivery so you never get bored.

And all of this delivered to your door in environmentally friendly packaging.

How it works

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Browse our Yummy snacks

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Munch Away

Benefits of our snacks

Our nutritionist designed our snacks to each have one or 2 of these benfits


Omega 3


Low Calorie

Vitamins & Minerals

High Fibre

What our munchers say

I used to starve between meals in the office, now my munchboxes are always by my side. - Evelyne

The munch-cube is SSSOOO CUTE! I just love the opening mechanism and how it fits in my purse. -Jennifer

I love how each munchbox has 6 surprise snacks, each with a different yummy taste. If only my colleagues didn't keep stealing them! - Annelise

My name is Rasha, and I'm a munchboxoholic. If you wasnt a healthy snack that actually tastes good with a variety of options to choose from. Munchbox will serve that purpose. Although I warn you, one box may not be enough.

I used to be a smoker. When I quit smoking, I was constantly hungry. Snacking in small portions throughout the day helped me stay on track and fight off the cravings. Thanks to having munchbox delivered to my home and work, I haven't smoked since, and didn't gain any weight in the process, on the contrary, I've even lost weight!! -MJ

No day without healthy food - Sebastian Neumann

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