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Back To School Healthy Lunch Ideas

Back to school means all the moms are in search of healthy lunch ideas to serve for their kids all year long. Here are some easy and simple healthy lunch box for your little ones to keep them energized through the day:

  1. Turkey wrap and Carrot sticks with almond butters.
  1. Devilled eggs with a tub of granola topped yoghurt.
  1. Chicken pasta with mini oatmeal cookies and fresh berries.
  1. Quinoa salad with healthy cupcakes.
  1. Halloumi flatbread wraps with cranberry energy balls.
  1. No bake granola bars with watermelon and feta cheese.
  1. Pita bread and hummus with raw almonds.
  1. Homemade mini pizza and peanut butter brownie.
  1. OG peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a chocolate delight bar
  1. Chicken and rice with pumpkin seeds and coconut flakes.
  1. Vegetable salad with chia pudding.
  1. Mushroom spaghetti with choc chip cookies.
  1. Truffle and cheese bread with string cheese and fresh berries.
  1. Bagel and cream cheese with a rice crispie treat.
  1. Mini burger with bell pepper slices and trail mix.

Always make sure to give your children plenty of option to choose from. Sometimes they like a granola bar a certain day and absolutely despise it the next day so always changing up their lunchboxes helps them to try out different food and stay happy and healthy during their school hours. It is a good way to always include some kinds of nuts or fruits and dessert to their lunchboxes. If you have more suggestion leave them in the comments down below and checkout our website to give your kids healthy snacks while they are off at school.

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