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A Guide To Veganuary Challenge At Workplace

The Veganuary that takes place every January is a great way to start your new year by putting your health and the environment as your priority. Therefore, it is important to launch these initiatives in your work places so that it is more accessible and visible to people. A 31-day commitment called the Veganuary Workplace Challenge pushes your staff to give veganism a shot in January, and it provides plenty of encouragement along the way to make it successful. The promotion of health and wellbeing among your workforce, demonstrates that your business is actively working to protect the environment, and the creation of a fun environment within the team are all aided by encouraging your team to experience Veganuary.

Why Take Part?

  1. Good for the environment: One of the best things you can undertake to prevent animal cruelty is to become vegan. You may ensure that fewer animals are bred to endure pain and death on farms and in meat industry by refraining from paying for animal products. whether they are a dog you live with, a pig or a chicken on a factory farm, or a fish being pulled from the ocean. You can say "NO" to animal cruelty in the most effective way possible by becoming a vegan. We could reduce the FAO-estimated 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by animals by eliminating meat from our diets.
  2. Team building: Team morale is improved in your company by having everyone participate in Veganuary as a collective attempt to go vegan for the entire month of January.
  3. Improved health and wellbeing: people who took part in this initiative has reported that they noticed a rise in their energy levels as an uplift in their mood. This in turn made them more productive to do their work and the overall wellbeing of the company raised.
  4. Sustainable step: as a company it is our duty to put forth an example to the society by following sustainability. This not only builds good brand reputation but the public can make a significant impact in their country as vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change.

Step By Step Guide How Your Workplace Can Join The Challenge:

  1. Spread the word: Promote going vegan in January and encourage your coworkers to join you. Inform them in advance so they can get ready for what some people might consider to be a challenge. Here are some ways for informing them that your company is participating in the Veganuary Workplace Challenge: Team meetings, Poster and flyers around the office, Announcement through mails.
  2. In house food: Request that the cafeteria at your place of work include vegan options to the menu. Be careful to inquire in advance to give them time to get ready. This way the employees can get easy access to vegan food while at work and will promote more people to join this challenge.
  3. Include management: when senior officials, CEOs and higher authority participate, it sets a great example for the workers to follow. Therefore, get the management on board to try this challenge along.
  4. Distribute free resources: another great way to support your staff is by providing them with vegan resources like a cookbook or food vouchers to vegan food spots. You can also invite great speakers to talk about vegan lifestyles so that your company can take inspiration from them.
  5. Organize vegan activities: to create a positive team spirit your company can organize some vegan activities like a vegan potluck or even movie screening. You can also conduct fun games like vegan trivia, zoom cook along and give out prizes to the winners.

Some fun team activities:

  1. Colleague night out: Why not plan a team dinner where everyone eats vegan if your company hosts social gatherings after work? Numerous restaurants provide vegan meals. This can be a great break from work to get to know each other better while also trying out new vegan spots.
  2. Office vegan potluck: Organize a collaborative lunch where each employee brings a vegan dish to share with the company. It can be prepared at home or ordered, either way, it will encourage your coworkers to taste vegan cuisines they might not have otherwise experienced. It's also a fun way to bond the team.
  3. Vegan cookbook swap: gather a few vegan cookbooks where the employees can swap every week to try out new recipes or keep them in a common area so they can borrow them
  4. Film screenings: To inspire your workforce, host movie screenings at your company. The Game Changers, Cowspiracy, and Forks Over Knives are a few thought-provoking documentaries that you can see on Netflix. They will undoubtedly lead to some engaging discussions.
  5. Share your experience: Create a communication channel, such as WhatsApp group, to discuss your experience and exchange pictures of delicious vegan meals you've prepared, interesting grocery buys, and meals you've had elsewhere.

The veganuary challenge is a great way for your company to start the new year with team spitit and collaboration. You can also shop for a wide variety of vegan snacks from our website to treat your workers to something delicious while taking part in this initiative.

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