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How To Stay Motivated At Work During Ramadan

After a few days of Ramadan, you are encountering more struggle than ever. It's boiling outside, Iftar always seems like it will be hours away, and it's getting harder and harder to concentrate on the new projects at work. What steps can you take to get back on track and increase your efficiency during this holy month?

1. Schedule meetings and focus work in the morning: You often have the most energy in the morning, To get ready for the coming day, schedule all of the important meetings in the initial work hours. Make sure to explain to your coworkers why you are holding the meetings early so they have enough time to adjust their calendars. After that, make an effort to do all of your focus work in the morning.

2. Avoid caffeine: Caffeine helps you feel awake on normal days, especially when you're feeling drowsy. Caffeine consumption during Suhur or Iftar is not advised during fasting because it will make it difficult for you to fall asleep and cause you to wake up late. As a result, it might also make you urinate more frequently, dehydrating you and making you thirsty the next day. In order to feel more at ease during your workdays, make sure to drink as much water as you can during the times when you are not fasting.

3. Eat healthy and wise: it's important to learn what meals will provide you sustained energy because Ramadan's tight fasting from sunrise till nightfall may leave you feeling weary. The "suhoor" meal before dawn is far too frequently skipped, or the improper foods are picked. It's time to start making wise meal decisions, which is essential for a simple fast. Some great examples for suhoor are- oatmeal, peanut butter and banana, yoghurt with granola, avacados, poached eggs, fruits and vegetables, nuts.

4. Take short breaks: You can refocus during your breaks during Ramadan. Make sure to take a break if you feel unmotivated or sleepy. You might try going for a walk because the outside air will keep you alert and focused. Moreover, you can utilize your break to relax, particularly if you experience headaches when you don't drink enough coffee.

5. Limit social media interaction: Whether it's browsing Pinterest for recipes, sharing amusing memes on Twitter, browsing Instagram and TikTok, or watching cat videos on YouTube. If you are not careful, this addiction can significantly reduce your productivity- for this reason, it is advisable to use it in moderation.

6. It's okay to have bad days: As weakness is a trait of human nature, avoid falling into the trap of self-blame and frustration. Instead, focus on finding constructive ways to get back on track. You may occasionally not have the successful day or week you had hoped for. Being kind to yourself at this point is the best course of action. To assist you regain your energy, you can also ask your friends for support.

How do you stay motivated at work during ramadan? tell us in the comments down below. Shop now from our website to stock up on some ramadan treats and essentials, and your fasting self will thank you later.

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