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Healthy Snacks For World Cup Nights

Are you prepared to shout, cheer, and groan after that goal, dribble, or missed penalty? As you settle in to watch the action of the FIFA World Cup, you might find yourself nibbling on the incorrect kind of snack. At your football party, ditch the usual unhealthy crisps, junk food, and flavorless, fatty foods and try these delectable, healthy and yummy snacks instead. They'll be absolutely loved by your FIFA mad friends! Make it a party at home with some comfort snacks or food while you binge-watch your favorite team play.

1) Microwave Popcorn: This microwave popcorn can be quickly made and served to guests as a tasty treat during gaming nights. They are delicious and comes in 3 flavors- salted, butter, cheese. Popcorns are full of fiber and are low in fats and calories.

2) Almond chips: CHIP CHIP HURRAY!! Crunch away on these almond chips while your team scores a goal. They are a great alternative to the usual unhealthy potato chips and are sure gonna be loved by your friends.

3) Puffs: these puffs are oven baked and vegan, they do not break your calorie bank. So munch away on these in your favorite flavor. Make sure you have them stocked up for second rounds.

4) Apples and nut butters: as cliché as it sounds, they are actually a really filling and yummy snack. You can also spice it up and experiment with different fruits and vegetables and find out which you like the best.

5) Nuts and trail mixes: This snack is rich in powerful disease-fighting antioxidants which help protect your body from the cellular damage that results in heart disease, cancer, and aging. You might get to see a lot of world cups in the coming years.

6) Yoghurt: I know it sounds basic, but trust us and make little bowls of yoghurt with some fresh berries and a handful of granola, your guest will love them as a dessert. I mean Shouldn’t you celebrate your team’s win with some dessert?

7) Cookies and cupcakes: speaking of dessert, you could also make a charcuterie board with healthy cookies and cupcakes, they would be over before halftime.

8) Energy balls: to scream your heart out to show loyalty to your team, you might as well need some energy. That’s when our energy balls come to your rescue. Munch on these and you could be the loyal fan throughout the night.

9) Homemade pizzas: what’s a game night without some pizza? Step up your hosting game by baking some homemade pizza that can be enjoyed by everyone. Just toss some sauce, cheese and toppings on these pizza bases, pop them in the oven and you are good to go.

10) Baked pita bread with hummus: this classic middle eastern snack is a big YES. With this year’s FIFA being hosted in a middle eastern country, you need to include this in your game nights. They are tasty and highly nutritious. Just bake the Arabic bread and serve them with a hummus dip.

If you are looking to host this year’s game nights, do it the right way! Stock up on all the essential snacks from our website and make sure you and your family munch on the right healthy snacks. What is a staple snack in your game nights, do let us know in the comments down below.

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