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Sampler Snack Box

Sampler Snack Box

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Special offer for businesses: Shop our sampler box containing all our retail snacks & Get a FREE box of all our online-exclusive snacks (24 snacks) worth 200 AED!
*Free product will be added to your package manually before dispatch. No promo code required* 

No preservatives, no refined sugar, no artificial flavours or colours, no gmo, no trans fat, no nasties, only the good stuff inside!

(All products are produced in 2022 & have more than 8 months shelf life)

Each snack box contains 27 of our delicious healthy snacks:
Cinnamon Vanilla Energy balls (80g), Coconut Energy balls (80g), Chia Choco Energy balls (80g), Cranbanana Energy balls (80g), Peanut Butter Protein Pebbles (80g), Coconut Protein Pebbles (80g), Cranberry Protein Pebbles (80g), Nutty Professor Sharing Pack (150g), Wasacorn Sharing Pack (150g), Smoked BBQ Sharing Pack (150g), Chocalmonds Sharing Pack (150g), Open Sesame Sharing Pack (150g), Mandarin Mix Sharing Pack (150g), Double Choco Keto cookie (60g), Cinnamon Walnut Keto cookie (60g), Choco Chip Keto cookie (60g), Marshmallow 99kcal Munch Crispies (40g), Chocolate 99kcal Munch Crispies (40g), Salted Caramel 99kcal Munch Crispies (40g), Choco Strawberry 99kcal Munch Crispies (40g), Chocolate Brownie Low Carb Delight (50g), White Chocolate Raspberry Low Carb Delight (50g), Chocolate Vanilla Low Carb Delight (50g), Chocolate Hazelnut Low Carb Delight (50g), White Crisp Low Carb Indulgence (90g), White Hazelnut Crisp Low Carb Indulgence (90g), Chocolate Crisp Low Carb Indulgence (90g)



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