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How it all started ..

I was living in Brussels and was into half marathons and fitness,etc…Then I relocated to Dubai, and in the first two months I gained 6kg. I felt like an inflatable Michelin man! The problem was not the meals, but the snacks between and during meetings.

After shedding the weight with a lot of sweat and tears, I had a "never again" moment. So I started stocking up on snacks from the supermarket, only to realize that the vast majority of these “healthy” snacks are not really healthy.

I always wanted to leave the corporate world, so I gathered my life savings, left my job, and started a healthy snacks company…...munchbox!

The very first munchbox was shipped in August 2014 to my neighbor who felt pity for this crazy guy. Since then, we have been through a roller coaster of a ride, and many truly terrifying moments (I’ll save this part for the book ☺). However, thanks to a great team and our supportive chain of business partners, munchbox is now in UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and most recently Saudi Arabia. All this coming out of a state-of-the-art factory in Jebel Ali.

Thanks to you, our amazing customers, we plan to expand into more food categories and to get more adventurous with what munchbox has to offer.

                                                                                                          Mahmoud Adham - Chief Munch Officer

How do we come up with our snack recipes?

Our diligent team of snackologists is constantly concocting up all sorts of recipes to create yummy healthy snacks. For every snack that is released, there are between 15 - 20 snacks which fail our standards and never see the light of day. We have 3 rules that our snackologists follow. If the snack passes these checkpoints, we make it available for you to try.

Rule #1

Start with ingredients from nature, and never add any artificial colorings or preservatives. We also make sure that we never use any GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) ingredients.

Rule #2

It has to fulfill a set of our health claims, gluten free, vegan, etc…..So it can fit the wide range of dietary requirements our customers are looking for.

Rule #3

 (Taste buds don’t lie)
If the first production batch is yummy enough to be completely devoured by the company staff before shipment, that means it’s good enough for our customers :)

Your idea can become a snack!

We are always on the hunt for new snacks, if you have any ideas for new snacks you would like us to make, please post it on our Instagram page @munchboxdubai and we will try to whip it up at the soonest opportunity.

Meet the munchbox team that made it all possible ...

Each person in the team is not only key for being able to deliver our products every day, but a member of the munchbox family that is enjoying every step of its exceptional journey.



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